Been in an accident – now what?

  • First, and most importantly, try to remain calm.
  • Second, if anyone is injured or the cars are immovable and blocking traffic, call
    the police.

  • Then go to a safe place away from traffic, to exchange information with the other party.

    The information you will want to exchange is: 

    • Vehicle year, make and model, plate number
    • Owners name and address
    • Driver’s name, address and license number
    • Insurance carrier
  • Next, call us to report the claim. We will report to your carrier and get the appraisal process started. If you are not at fault and do not carry coverage to repair your vehicle, we can assist you in establishing a direct claim against the other party.

Your health is most important, so take care of yourself and any injured parties before worrying about your vehicle. Do not move anyone who has been seriously injured in the auto accident as doing so could worsen any injuries.

Please allow your professional E.J. Stochaj Insurance representative to help make the process as seamless as possible for you.