We will explain the type of ATV insurance you need to protect you and the other operator.

If you have ever driven a snowmobile, four wheeler or other type of All Terrain Vehicle, you are well aware of their power and the damage they could cause if involved in a collision. Regardless of the level of power, it is important to understand the risk of owning an ATV and insure yourself against those risks.

The Nuts & Bolts of ATV Insurance

This part of the policy will protect you when the operator of your ATV is responsible for an ATV related incident/accident. ATVs can cause major damage and/or injury, so carrying liability insurance on your ATV is just as important as on your automobile!

If your ATV was involved in a collision, stolen or damaged due to weather – would you want to pay out of pocket to repair (or replace)? If your answer is no, you should carry physical damage coverage on your ATV policy so you would be compensated for these damages.

Yes, enjoy yourself…have fun…but contact E.J. Stochaj Insurance Agency first to be sure you have the proper All Terrain Vehicle insurance.

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