We are contracted with a diverse variety of carriers that offer an array of coverage.

Most people would agree that their home is their most valuable asset. If this were true for you, then you would also agree that having the correct Homeowner’s Insurance Policy is of the utmost importance. Since each homeowner presents a diverse variety of coverage needs, E.J. Stochaj Insurance Agency is contracted with a diverse variety of carriers that offer an array of coverage. We will assess your coverage needs, view your property and research the replacement valuation before jumping into the quoting process. In the end, you will be presented with a proposal for your Homeowner’s Insurance from a company that we feel meets your needs and offers the best coverage for your money.

The Nuts & Bolts of a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Whether you are a new homeowner, or just want a better understanding of your homeowner policy, here is an outline of a policy in homeowner lingo.

The Bells & Whistles of a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Each company offers a variety of extra coverages and credits that can be included on a homeowner policy. Some examples of extra coverage include scheduled valuable items (jewelry, furs, etc.), specified additional coverage for dwelling and replacement cost coverage for contents. Some examples of credits include loss free credit, renovated home credit and account credit. The staff at E.J. Stochaj Insurance Agency will assess your needs and desires and be able to recommend all of the ‘bells and whistles’ that pertain to you and your property.

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