Automobile insurance for the best price and the best coverage…and we do all the work!

You may be just getting your license, just purchasing an automobile or have owned an auto for years and now want to shop around for automobile insurance prices – no matter what point you are at, we can take it from here. E.J. Stochaj Insurance Agency has 10 insurance companies to choose from, so we can offer the best rates around! Our insurance professionals will assess your needs and advise on coverage so that you are comfortable with what you are purchasing. And don’t forget the discounts! The staff at E.J. Stochaj Insurance Agency will take advantage of every discount you are eligible for, including AAA member discount, low mileage discount, account credit, multi car credit, good student discount, early shopper credit, billing program credits and many more. Also, if we are successful in earning your business, we will notify your current agent of the change so you don’t have to.

If you have never been involved in an automobile accident, auto insurance may seem like one of those necessary evils. But if you have, you know how important it is to be adequately covered. Uninsured and underinsured automobile owners and drivers face the possibility of a lawsuit every time their vehicle is driven. Protect your assets and wages by insuring yourself properly before an accident occurs.

The Nuts & Bolts of an Auto Policy

Comprehensive Parts 1-4 (Mandatory in MA)

Options Parts 5-12

Before you get behind the wheel, call E.J. Stochaj Insurance Agency and we’ll review your options and your discounts!

Auto Insurance